Athlete of the Month For August 2015

Max Kim


My 40th birthday was fast approaching and I was 40 pounds overweight, dealing with serious health issues like chronic kidney stones, high blood pressure, anemia and a large mass in the middle of my back. I was also recovering from major shoulder reconstruction surgery as well as surgery to my ankle and wrist. In short, I was falling apart physically and having trouble keeping up with my two sons (ages 7 & 5). All this was taking a toll on me psychologically as well.
I was scared. I had just seven months until my birthday and I was definitely on the back nine of life. I had heard about CrossFit, but that mountain seemed insurmountable. I was pretty athletic in a past life, but thought the CrossFit gym would be intimidating and unwelcoming. Then, in January 2015, with the support of my wife Cindy and my business partner John, I found the courage to step into CF714! My singular goal was to get into the best shape of my life!
From Day One, I was welcomed with open arms. All of my fears about being too injury-prone or too out of shape to keep up were laid to rest. My amazing coaches made all the difference. I may be biased, but my coaches, Michelle and Perris are by far, the most inspirational and motivational people at CF714! Their professionalism and depth of knowledge about fitness is unsurpassed…and I’m speaking from personal, unsuccessful experience at number of other gyms. Thank you Michelle and Perris! Now, I look forward to greeting all of my friends at CF714 with hugs and kisses.
I’ve learned so many new movements in my short time at CF714, from “cleans” to “snatches”, but my current favorite is the rope climb. I have grown to love this movement because on my first day at CF714, I had to tackle the rope climb. I was terrified…of falling and of failing. But, up I went. Sure enough, I get about half way up the rope and stopped. And then I slid down way too fast, resulting in a pretty bad rope burn on my hands and legs! I resolved that day to not give up and to make the rope climb without any fear or hesitation. Today, because of my strength training and the WODs, I am able to climb the rope 14-20 times! I LOVE CF714!
I feel very fortunate to have lived an amazingly full and rich life to this point. I’ve been blessed by God with some of the most remarkable experiences, from Clothing Buyer at Nordstrom to founding and owning multi-million dollar businesses. But what many people don’t know about me is that I was a professional, sponsored snowboarder for K2. I competed at all of the best and most-renowned mountain resorts in the country. My ultimate dream in snowboarding was to compete in the X Games, but a devastating major ankle injury brought those dreams to an end.
CrossFit has transformed my entire life! I am undeniably and forever changed. At home, I now pick up my kids without hesitation or worry that my weak shoulders will buckle and I have seemingly unlimited energy to play with the boys. My kidney stones have stopped forming, my blood pressure is now back at an acceptable level and my anemia is manageable. I’ve lost that 40 pounds of sedentary lifestyle and my doctor has stopped being my most frequented friend, replaced by my friends at CF714 five days a week! At my company, my dedication to fitness has significantly and positively impacted the office culture, with everyone now striving to live a healthier lifestyle.
Thank you CF714 for the honor of Athlete of the Month! But most importantly, thank you for giving me my life back and changing me in a truly meaningful way! VIVA CF714!