Because what if you could break down every physical and mental barrier you’ve ever encountered in your life? Through this process you begin to realize where really living begins…living through your world uninhibited by physical or mental limits. We do this through our training system known as “CrossFit”. During your time with us at CrossFit 714, we will challenge you through workouts and tests of your own will, and, at the end of it all, you’ll end up looking, feeling, and living better in the process.


First things first…


the only way to begin your training at CrossFit714 is with an INTRO session. These are by appointment only – Call us to schedule at 714.904.8238 or email us at


Training at CrossFit 714 is different than just about any other gym in the world, CrossFit or not. We have a unique philosophical approach to health, fitness and life, around which our training program is built. It takes more than just desire to take part – desire is the easy part. It takes the will to act, whether you feel like it or not; whether it’s convenient or not; whether it fits into your life or not. If you’ve got the desire and will, the results will follow.


1251 W. Katella Ave. Orange, CA 92867

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