My name is Cindy Barnett and I am 47 years old. I started Crossfit just about 7 months ago. I have struggled with my weight for years, you name it I’ve tried it every diet program, every type of gym, exercise equipment or DVD. Everything worked for a while until I’d get bored an give up. I would lose some weight and then just gain it all back plus some.  After my fathers death I became concerned for my health, My father had struggled with heart disease for years having had bypass surgery then having a pacemaker put in and finally passing away from a massive heart attack. I needed to to do something to change my life not only for myself but for my family too.
I found Crossfit 714 in October of 2012. At the time, I didn’t know anything about CrossFit but took a leap and scheduled my intro with Lee. I was greeted with smiles from both the staff and members and I instantly felt comfortable. Everyone was so friendly and  encouraging from day one. After my intro I could barely walk but oddly enough I couldn’t wait to get back in there for the next class. The workouts are fun and challenging and even after 7 months I still can’t wait to get to the next class. The workouts push me to do more than I have ever done before.  There have been times where I seriously have been pushed to the limit and I didn’t think I would finish but I can always count on a trainer or member to be there cheering me on to help get me through. The staff at Crossfit714 are the best. They have taught me so much about fitness and nutrition and more importantly about myself. I’ve learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and achieve my goals.
I’ve regained confidence in myself and I have everyone at Crossfit714 to thank for that.
To date I have lost 45 pounds a total of 18+ Inches and more importantly I’ve found out a lot about myself and something that finally works!





I’ve been overweight almost my entire life. I was leisurely active, but never into anything too intense. At one point 9 years ago (2003), I went on a well-known low carb diet for 9 months and lost 60 pounds. After ending that diet and without following it up with any exercise, I ballooned back to my original weight, plus another 40 pounds within the next couple of years, remaining around 300 pounds all the way until 2011.
I had tried at-home 90-day fitness DVDs and gyms that stay open 24 hours, but I never kept the discipline to keep going. I had no accountability at home and the only friends I made at the gym were the account manager and the receptionist who’d tell me the spin class was full. I had even tried a kickboxing gym, exhausted me with cardio, but I didn’t feel like I was building any strength and I still felt isolated.


My friends, David Nhim and Nicole Barton, knew Aaron Cole and had signed up with Crossfit714. After hearing them rave about their short, but high intensity, workouts for three months (while also competing/complaining over who had the most sore muscles), I was convinced to give it a try. I didn’t like that it was class-based, that I couldn’t just walk in and work out whenever I wanted. I also thought that a class meant less attention from the trainers and I’d be lost in the motions, not really getting the full benefit of a workout. I was wrong. The classes were small enough to make me uncomfortable in being noticed by others and the trainers have their eyes on everyone.


To describe the WOD as “intense” is putting it lightly. Of course, my intensity wasn’t the same as everyone else’s level of intensity. But that was one of the things I liked right away. The workouts are scaled to a level every individual can handle. Yes, your body will be pushed to excel, but always with a focus on form and safety. Something else I also never encountered at a gym: Friendly members! One of my biggest obstacles (and fear) at bigger gyms was the feeling of being judged for being out of shape, as if I didn’t belong and was just taking up space from someone more deserving of staying fit.  At Crossfit714, I was greeted with smiles and encouragement my first day. I immediately felt part of a family genuinely interested in my success at each workout. The encouragement and motivation didn’t come from only the trainers, but everyone in the classes too. As much as I may have not wanted to go into the gym on any given day, I loved how I felt when I left. I still feel that way.


In late September 2011, Aaron had posed a challenge to me: to lose 70 pounds in 7 months. I started that challenge in October at 293 pounds. To make it a nice round number for a finish, I needed to reach 220 pounds by the end of April. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I was determined not to lose. My workout schedule went from 3 days a week to 6 days a week, with back-to-back workouts on three of those days. I had also changed my diet to a Paleo diet. By the end of October, before I even knew how many pounds I had shed in the first month, I was convinced (or coerced!) to register for a Super Spartan race scheduled in January. I don’t think I had ever been in any competitive obstacle race in my life, let alone a 9 mile race of any kind! I was terrified and worried how I would do. Aaron convinced me there was nothing to worry about. His confidence in me overshadowed my own. By the end of that first month, I lost 15 pounds. By the end of November, after Thanksgiving, I had lost 14 pounds. Aaron warned me to be careful for December, to not be discouraged if my weight didn’t drop as much. When I weighed in early January of 2012, the scale showed I lost another 15 pounds. 44 pounds in 3 months! I was pretty excited. My terror for the Spartan Race went down to nervousness.  When it came time for the Spartan Race, I started nervous, transitioned to determined, and finished exhausted, but extremely proud.  I had even finished ahead of Aaron, and just seconds behind another one of Crossfit714’s trainers, Stephanie Martinez, who had also been key in pushing me toward my weight loss success.  Despite a drop in the progress for Janaury (I lost 11 pounds), my confidence still grew. I noticed definition in my arms and shoulders forming. I noticed I was getting stronger and faster. I started to feel handsome–something I hadn’t felt for a very long time. During this time, I had also received approval from my doctor to stop taking medication for my high blood pressure.


The weight loss had slowed down toward the end of my challenge, with only a 3 pound weight loss in the second to last month. For the final month, I had to lose 9 pounds to reach my final goal. On the three days I had back-to-back morning workouts, Aaron had me return to the gym in the afternoon for a third workout that usually involved cardio (except for a day when I did the Fight Gone Bad WOD in the morning and then again in the evening. I PR’d in the morning WOD, then PR’d again when I repeated the WOD that afternoon!). My diet was restricted even further. No fruit. More veggies.


As a testament of the family I have at Crossfit714, there was a crowd waiting for my final weigh-in at the gym Saturday morning, April 28th, 2012. Some members had come in, not to work out at all, but just witness my final weigh-in. Aaron and Jen had prepared a video including a slideshow of my weight loss progress.  I felt honored and praised. Nervously, I had stepped on the scale, and my final weight was 210 lbs, TEN pounds lighter than my goal! My heart did flips.  Knowing that I was embarrassingly fat and now had done something to change my life felt amazing.


When I first started the challenge, I’ll admit I did everything Aaron told me out of fear. Not fear of failing. Fear of punishment. Fear of burpees if I didn’t follow his instruction! But eventually, as everyone had assumed I was crazy for doing anything Aaron had told me, I tried not to question him because I wanted to see what I was capable of doing. I had never pushed myself this hard at anything in life. No matter how small the PR, I felt like I conquered a mountain, yet had a higher peak to climb. I amazed myself in ways I never thought possible. I even seem to do better when it’s a competition!


Crossfit is amazing. It cultivates a winning attitude, not with arrogance, but with confidence. I had no confidence in myself when I started Crossfit. I felt weak and slow. That was OK. As long as I tried and tried hard. As long as I was honest with myself. If I knew I should’ve done better at a WOD, I admitted it to myself. If I lost focus, trainers would bring it back. If I felt exhausted, fellow members re-energized me with shouts of support until I finished out of breath on my back laying in a pool of sweat. And that’s sometimes the best feeling in the world.


Laura Scheper

The first words I uttered as I signed my initial sixth-month commitment at CF714 were, “I don’t want to get big.” I was apprehensive being surrounded by men AND women lifting barbells with what looked like heavy weights on either end.


“That’s not what we do here,” Aaron told me.


I’ve exercised on and off most of my life, usually strolling into 24 Hour and climbing on the elliptical for 30 minutes (let’s be honest, it was 15 minutes with a five minute cool down), and then lifting eight pound dumbbells. Rarely did I break a sweat and I didn’t have the stamina to run down the street.


CrossFit changed all that. I am now running faster and longer distances, lifting heavier weight and doing more skills than I ever thought possible – thanks to a combination of hard work and an extensive amount of support and encouragement from the trainers.


My toned arms and abs are just one positive side effect. CF714 has done much more than just get me in shape. As a result of seeing firsthand the transformation in myself and others and experiencing the adrenaline from accomplishing each workout, I am more assertive, confident and secure with who I am.


And ladies – strong is the new sexy. Strength doesn’t mean you have to be big with huge arms. I weigh 130 pounds and clean and jerk 155 pounds, but I am not “big” (and my husband has loved the transformation)!

CrossFiting for 16months


130 pounds

9.5%body fat



Jeff Tibbets

My name is Jeff Tibbets and I am 51 years young. I started at CrossFit 714 about 18 months ago with the help of my good friends Chris and Bob who work out here. I have been pretty active my whole life and really thought that I was in great shape, especially for a 50 year old guy. I mountain bike ride and push it pretty hard. I tried other gyms and fitness Dvd’s off and on but never felt like I could stay with the program due to boredom or just plain laziness. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t cost a lot and nobody is watching, who cares how much you do.After my first workout with CF714 I knew I was not in good shape. Sure it was scary working out with 20 year old guys, who could do way more than I could, but everything is scaled to your ability and the trainers are amazing. Aaron and Jen have created a true family feeling and the members are rooting for you to succeed. The big phrase around here is CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. I have since recruited 5 new members simply by showing them what I have done and asking them to try it out with me on our “Bring a Guest” days.I will not lie and tell you it’s easy, it’s not. Yes, I have been sore and tired and have felt like not going, but I always feel great after the workout and I have my 7am guys to always bug me if I miss a few days. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family. With the Paleo diet and some hard work you can do this as well.For those of you that are numbers people, let me give you a few to ponder:
I am 5’ 10”
Weight before CrossFit 714: 218lbs     36 “ waist (and those pants were tight)
Weight after    CrossFit 714: 186 lbs    33” waist (and my pants are now loose)
Current Bodyfat   11.8%



Day 7 of Paleo               Day 30 of Paleo                Day 46 of Paleo            Day 61 of Paleo

I’m Alex and I’m 31 years old.  I started thinking outside of the box about health in September of 09 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I quickly learned that Dr.’s don’t have the right answers and you have to figure things out for yourself and strive to learn more.  Now fast forward to the end of August 2010.  My dad lost his battle with cancer and I was in a bad spot.  I had borderline depression and a lot of horrible emotional eating.  I realized I should get my blood checked and my numbers were all not good.  Finally in December my friend and former crossfit trainer Chris Gartrell handed me “The Paleo Solution”.  Now he had talked about Paleo for as long as I knew him but I never read the book until he handed it to me.  Immediately I was inspired and shocked how much information was in this “nutrition” book that I had never learned in the past.  I decided one day in the beginning of January that I would start.  I have to admit the first 10 days were very tough.  My body was changing, literally detoxing and going through withdrawals of foods I was addicted to.  But I immediately started seeing changes and that’s what kept me motivated.Soon after I changed my way of eating I wanted to join a crossfit gym to accelerate my results.  I’m now only on my 6th week of crossfit and
I haven’t been in this good of shape since high school track.  And I’ve never looked this good in my life!  There are no pills, supplements, fads or surgeries that can make you truly healthy.  You literally are what you eat.  Your body is meant to work a certain way. You can’t change that.  You can only change your decisions about the food you put in your body and the exercise you get out of your body.



Michael Martinez

I started at CrossFit 714 in mid April with the goal of getting healthy for myself and my family. I had been doing the standard “Globo Gym” routine but I never enjoyed going. Whenever I left the gym after a workout, I didn’t feel like I got enough out of it. I felt like I needed some more motivation and something I knew I could get REAL results from.I was really out of shape after 4 years of being lazy when I stopped working out in 2004. I decided to start at CrossFit 714 when I tried a free class at another affiliate gym. Even though the WOD’s were far too advanced for me at that time, the trainer’s substituted workouts that I could handle until I felt I was able to finish them as prescribed. Aside from the 15lbs I have lost in 2 months, I am much stronger, I have more endurance, and I just feel better. These workouts are planned to help you build “usable” strength as well as the mental toughness it takes to get in shape the right way. You don’t need to have any previous experience to workout at CrossFit 714. You just need the balls to show up and the results will follow. Thanks to the trainers and members at CrossFit 714 for motivating me during every WOD…something I never got at the “Globo Gyms”.